Friday, July 22, 2011

Oxford Summer Arts Festival

Hey all! If your looking for something to do Sunday, The Elm Hurst Inn is putting on a Summer Arts Festival which is sure to have many interesting and unique items for you to peruse! Monika will be set up there with all her gorgeous clay items, so swing by and say hi!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Calgary Stampede and the Kananaski mountains

Howdy y'all! We just got back from one of the most incredible trips ever. I decided not to take my camera because I was afraid of anything happening to it while doing all the events planned. I regretted it immediately. We did rodeo, horseback riding in the Kananaski mountains, flyfishing and even had a brush with royalty. I ran into Steven Harper at a Starbucks around the corner from our hotel. Thanks to The Lone Star Texas Grill ( best fajitas EVER!!)  I came home a little bit cowgirl! These are a few I took off my iphone, sorry for the crappy quality.

We waited at the parade hoping to get a glimps of William and Kate as they were opening the Stampede parade. We laughed so hard when they went flying by us at 50 km in a secured car. Oh well, she waved, and I am certain it was to me :)

Our buddy gettin' his cowboy pimp on!

The crazy cowboys at the rodeo. These guys are tough and brave and it literally took my breath away everytime one of those gates flew open. 

Everyone must put horseback riding in the mountains on their bucket list. It was spiritual!

About to attempt fly fishing for the first time. I was really, really bad at it but it was fun. We didn't catch anything but an amazing view and a few rays!