Friday, December 21, 2012

thanks for an amazing year!!

Looking back over the year I am overwhelmed with the change, the loss, the growth, the births, the love and the unbelievable hate we have all witnessed. I am the ultimate believer in the positive and that love does conquer all, I guess that is one of the reasons I absolutely love what I do so much. It's not just the photography side of things that revs my engine but also the true connections I make along the way. I am so blessed, sometimes it's hard to even say out loud, because I honestly am living my dream with exactly who I want to be living it with. Everyday brings new challenges, opportunities and teachable moments. Who could ask for anything more!? So thank you...thank you to my amazing husband who is my best friend and my rock of support. He has believed in me since the second we met! Thank you to my incredible daughters who drive me constantly to be a better person, help me stop and smell the roses and help me look at the world with 10 and 8 year old eyes. Thank you to the incredible friends and community that I live in, where I have witnessed time and time again, that when someone is down we can all as a group help them get back up. And thank you to all the people who trust me to capture the most important moments of their lives. I never take for granted that I have been given the honour of photographing your precious life stories. It is my pleasure to do it. I have enjoyed 2012 so very much and everyone that has touched my life and I am so excited for the future and all that it holds!! Have a wonderful, healthy and safe holiday! I look forward to sharing more memories with you in 2013!
Here are a few highlights from the year!! xo Kelly