Thursday, October 27, 2011

rebecca and tyler- engagement session

Well, it took about 5 times, but we FINALLY got this shoot done. It was a month of Rebecca and I texting back and forth, monitoring the radar and me leaving to meet them in the sun and getting there in the rain. We did it, and we had an adventure. It was like a scene out of a National Geographic. We saw horses and deer, but the thing that sticks with me was what happened at the Woodstock drive-in. We stopped there on our way into Ingersoll. I got them on top of this cool, beat up old car and started shooting. All of a sudden we hear 'mew, mew'. Out  from under the car came a kitten. Then we heard more 'mewing' and turns out there was a whole litter of kittens under the car. I almost had them convinced to take one home until we heard the others. So, if any one is looking for a kitten, you know where to look. Thanks to you both for a fun morning that we all never thought would happen!!